The Childrens Republic

In Africa exists a little country which has been abandoned by the adults. The children manage themselves and the Children’s Republic becomes a slade and prosperous country. However, the children have stopped growing …


The Childrens Republic    
A Film by:   Flora Gomes
France, Portugal, Germany, Belgique  2012  
Script:   Franck Moisnard, Flora Gomes
Cast:   Danny Glover, Hedviges Mamudo
Producer:   Maria Joao Mayer, Francois d'Artemare, Alexander
    Ris, Petra Hengge, Hubert Toint, Jean-Jaques Neira
Company:   Les Films de l'Aprés-Midi, Filmes do Tejo II, Saga Film
Co-Producer:   Radiotelevisao Portugal
Supported by:   MC/ICA Instituto do Cinema, Fonds Images Afrique,
    Eurimage, MEDIA, Fonds francophone, Fimstiftung NRW,
    Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst